March , 2001 News

April 25, 2001

Started a new journal today.  You can click the link on the main page.  With the new Journal in place, I probably won't be adding anymore to this news area.

April 20, 2001

I am still here, really.  Just been another rough week.  What started out ok, turned into a terrible sinus infection.  I feel like I should be trying out for the Christmas play.  I would be a shoe-in for Rudolph.


April 13, 2001

Sorry I haven't been here for a few days.  It's been kind of crazy this week.  I decided that it was finally time to upgrade to Windows 2000.  But I still wanted the ability to run 98 if I needed to.  So, pulled out a small drive and installed a new 30 GB drive.

In the process of transferring files over, what do I find?  I'm infected with a frelling worm.  If you see kak.hta you too have been struck.  Only problem, the virus detectors don't seem to find it.  So two nights of finding and destroying manually.

The next step is the actual install of Win2K.  This was my third install of Win2K.  It isn't too different from the older NT 4.0, so this install went pretty smooth.

Now it's been all of the application installations.  I run way too much software.  It's been three evenings of doing installs, and I'm still not completely through.  But I'm getting close.

Hopefully, running 2000 will be more stable, and I won't have the problems of running out of resources.

Anyway, I hope to be back on more often now that this project is almost over.

April 2, 2001

I have now added a chat window, so you can chat with me that way instead of ICQ.  Depending on how many people I get in the chat room, I may go ahead and add an ICQ tag to alert people when I'm in chat.

Don't have a regular schedule yet, but am working on getting one together.  I may try and be on a couple of hours in the evening.  I'll just have to see.