My Favorite Links

These are sites I regularly check.  The webcam sites can be addictive.

Webcam Sites

An Open Window - Brandon is wonderful guy in Charlotte.  If I were younger and we lived closer together, I would pursue him.  Yes, even people my age get crushes.  But I can say, he has starred in many of my fantasies.

Keith Cam - This is definitely one of my favorite sites on the web.  I've been looking in on Keith for over a year and a half.  He has everything: great looks, intelligent, kind and caring.  He is truly a fine gentleman.  He also has an interesting journal that gives an insight into who he really is.

Pecs Jock Cam - A friend of Keith's, Peter is another sweet man who is extremely cute and friendly.  Always enjoy chatting with him.  There is never a dull moment when Peter is online.:)  I think Peter would be someone I would enjoy being friends with.  Too bad he lives so far away.  NOTE:  Peter has taken some time off from the cam.  I'm not sure when he will be back online.  He does still have some great modeling photos.  As of Labor Day Weekend, it looks like Peter may be back online.  UPDATE:  Peter took down his site in October.  He had talked about putting up a new site, but I haven't heard from him since then.  He was a fun kid.  I'll miss his site.

Planet Concrete - Eric is a writer, who was unable to find a publishing company to publish his works, so he started his own company.  An interesting site that is not main stream.  Here you will find aliens, ghosts and an unusual look at religion.  Eric is definitely warped, but that is one of his best characteristics, a sign of a truly creative individual.  Update:  Eric has a new website, where he puts up some of his musical satires.  The old webcam site is now gone.  I miss those old times.

ChaosInAustin - Bryan is one of the veteran webcammers.  Although, I only recently started checking in there, it has become a regular stop.  Bryan is an extremely good photographer.  His site is set up in a magazine style.  Great photojournal that he updates about once a week.  Very entertaining.

Gay Cams - A great Cam Listing site.  One of the best guy cam listings out there.  GC does an excellent job.

Other Sites

Badpuppy - This is a porn extravaganza.  They have live cams, pic galleries, streaming video, and much more.

Live Journal - This is a BLOG site.  The link to my journal goes to Live Journal.  Sometimes quirky and slow, it's a nice place to put down thoughts, and interact with others online.  You can develop a group of friends and keep up on each other's lives.

Tech Sites

Dogpile - This is a mega-search site.  Enter a search term once, and dogpile will go out and search multiple sites.  Much easier than doing each search individually.  Highly recommended.

Bigfoot - Another search site.  Great if you are looking for an email address or phone number of an individual.  They also offer a free email address which can be forwarded to any address you choose.

Sysopt - A great site for finding answers to hardware and software questions.

Windrivers - Another site for finding Windows drivers and answering questions.