Ok, so you would like to know a little more about me.

1.  Yes, I am single.  Why, because I haven't found anyone who was willing to put up with me.

2.  I'm about 6' tall and weigh 150 lbs.  A natural swimmer's build.  No I don't work out, I just have an extremely high metabolism.

3.  Brown hair, cut short most of the time, although I did go through a rebel stage a couple of years ago and it got pretty long.

4.  I keep my face shaved most of the time.  I had a stache and goatee for awhile, but I got tired of looking in the mirror and seeing how gray it was getting.

5.  I  have a  roommate.  So if I happen to be on cam and someone walks in the room, it is probably him.  He moved to California for a while, but now he's back, at least temporarily.

6.  I have terrible eyesight.  I wear contacts most of the time, but occasionally, you will see me in glasses.  Don't laugh, they are like coke bottles.

7.  And if you are wondering, yes, I do have "above average feet".:)  If you want to know how big, you'll have to ask.  I was a little surprised, when someone actually did ask.:)  They're 10 1/2, sometimes 11.

8.  Most of the time, I am very shy.  But, since I started the webcam, I have been opening up some.  It is amazing, put me out in public, and I won't say anything.  But when everyone wants to chat, I don't seem to have any problems.  Maybe this is the start of something good.  Well I can hope, anyway.

Additional phaktivas:

Boxers or Briefs:  On those very rare occasions, when I do wear underwear, it's briefs, but most of the time it's starkers for me.  (I just love that term.)

PJ's or t-shirt and shorts:  Again, I prefer aunatural.  Although, when I have company over, depending on who it is, I might wear shorts, just so they aren't embarrassed.

Music:   Very eclectic

Reading:  Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Mysteries.  Although, I never seem to have as much time to read now, as I used to.

Wheels:  My baby.  A Laser Red Metallic 96 Mustang GT Convertable.

If you want to know more, ask me.  Most of the time I am pretty open.

Last update:  August 09, 2001