Camops I've Met

I guess this will become a quest.  One that I have already started.  Who knows where it will finally end up.  It will start as a listing of the cammers and a link to their page.

Some of the cam operators are on Camarades.  I know some people think this doesn't count, but for this page, I'm including them.  After all, they are running a cam for the world to see, and I did meet them.  And it's my page and I make the rules.:)

Robin Hood - He is my roommate, but doesn't have a cam site anymore.

Tracy One - A kid in Dallas - He loves jokes.:)

Dallas Dan - A friend of Tracy's

JCowboy - Another Kid in Dallas - A real fun guy.

Keith Cam - You may have noticed, this is same Keith as on the links page.  I finally got to meet him on my last trip to San Francisco.  Just as nice in person as on cam.

Durlx - He's an interesting guy in New Orleans.  

That's all of them, for now.  I guess I need to start doing some traveling.:)